Ageskin University

Advanced training courses in Aesthetics

Advanced Training Course

Ageskin University was created to give Beauticians an opportunity to learn about medicine, biology, nutrition, and the humanities, all while focusing on personal growth, in order to deepen their knowledge.

In an ever-changing market, the only real weapon to combat mediocrity is competence!

Serious and transversal competence is necessary for those who deal with treating the whole person, in the entirety of his being. For this, we offer a high-level course that will conclude at the University of Ferrara, where a certificate will be issued.

PREREQUISITES Diploma in Aesthetics
ADMISSION Until all spots are filled
FINAL CERTIFICATE Certificate of recognition in collaboration with COSMAST II level masters in cosmetic science and technology of the University of Ferrara.


2 hoursHistory of Aesthetics
3 hoursIntroducing the Skin as an Organ
14 hoursHuman Anatomy
28 hoursCutaneous Physiology and Cosmetology
7 hoursNutrition
14 hoursAesthetic and General Dermatology
7 hoursOverview of Psychology
7 hoursManagement of Institutions and the Environment
7 hoursAdvice and Empathy
7 hoursBioenergetics
7 hoursEvolution of the Concept of Beauty
7 hoursPsychoneuroimmunology
3 hoursConclusions: Università degli Studi di Ferrara

A final dissertation is scheduled with an optional discussion.

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