Ageskin's mission

AGESKIN started with a dream.

In a very difficult moment in history, where anyone else would have surrendered, AGESKIN was created as a sign of willpower and passion and is an example for all those who have wanted to give up.

AGESKIN was born with the precise desire to give back competence, knowledge and freedom of choice to the world of aesthetics.

The union of Corrado CarlĂ  and the scientific staff with thirty years of experience in the field creates the perfect combination for the formulation of a line of functional cosmetics aimed at guaranteeing evident and lasting results over time.

AGESKIN has NO corporate philosophy but ONLY follows a scientific truth, using a pathophysiological approach to aestheticism.

The Mission

Returning freedom of choice to the professional.

Agefarm Srl - Via Montegrappa, 298/b, 59100 Prato (PO) - P.Iva 02422370979 - info@ageskin.it
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